What to do with engagement photos: a modern frame collection

You may recognize Emily and Phil from their St. Paul lifestyle engagement portraits a couple months ago; today, I'm so excited to show you the amazing frame collection that we created with their engagement portraits!

What to do with engagement photos

Created printed, tangible art is at the core of my photography business. Couples come to me because of this: in addition to digital images from an engagement session and wedding, I can help them create something real that they can hold in their hands and live with in their home.

Emily and Phil knew that they wanted to create a wall gallery with some of their engagement photos - they just moved into a new home and wanted to personalize the walls with meaningful art.


Because creating printed wall art is something I do everyday with my clients, I've got it down to a science to make this process super fun and easy and not even a little stressful! Emily, Phil, and I started this process with a 'wall art consultation' - I spent some time in their home to talk about their decor style, discussing the colors, textures, art, etc that they surround themselves with. We also looked through all my different frame and wall art options to see what they were drawn to.

They were drawn to my modern artisan frames - they're made in the USA with solid wood and completely acid free mats. They're beautiful frames without looking ornate or outdated - they feel clean and modern and really unique. Emily and Phil really liked that these frames are super modular so we can design cool collections with multiple engagement photos. They decided that they wanted to hang a series of frames over their bed, and they chose this beautiful espresso finish for the wood frames - doesn't it look beautiful with the other wood trimwork in their home?


After their engagement session, we got together to go through their portraits in person and to choose the pictures to include in their gallery. We chose these three images from their time in the brewery during their lifestyle engagement session (if you haven't seen their pictures, check them out here!). 

How do you choose what pictures to use?

This gallery looks so cohesive and beautiful - and this is so intentional! These three pictures were carefully chosen not only because they are some of Emily and Phil's favorites from their session (although they are!) but also because we knew they would look beautiful together on the wall.

On one hand, the photographs look proportional - their faces are visible and not too giant or too tiny in the frame (I aim to have a face be about hand-sized in a photograph on the wall so that it's easily viewable!)

The three images also look really cohesive together because they were all taken in the same setting - the same light and outfits are present in all of these three pictures! Of course, that's not a hard-and-fast rule (you can make a beautiful wall collection with a mix of colors/settings) but having these three photographs from the same setting really makes them feel cohesive and unified.


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