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a note about inclusivity

The wedding industry is not always an inclusive place, especially for people and couples who have been marginalized or whose existence has been ignored or underrepresented. I’m a person who carries a lot of privilege - I’m a white, cisgendered woman married to a man. I do my best to recognize and acknowledge my privilege, and to use it to create a space that is as welcoming and inclusive as possible for the individuals and couples that I work with.

I believe Black Lives Matter. I welcome interracial couples and I’ll photograph you regardless of your religion, race, cultural or ethnic background, citizenship status, gender identification, or physical ability. I’m a body-positive feminist and welcome people of all body shapes and sizes, and couples of all ages.

Looking for a wedding photographer who is part of the LGBTQIA+ community?

I identify as bisexual! I hold a lot of privilege with this identity because I’m also in a heterosexual marriage, so most folks assume that I’m straight. I’ve learned that knowing I’m bi has helped some couples feel really safe and welcome in working with me as a wedding photographer, so I try to let every couple I work with know that I will accept you and your partner as you are.

I’m an LBGTQIA+ friendly wedding photographer. I welcome trans folks and gender non-binary folx in my couples/wedding parties/etc. I try not to assume gender roles for my couples - I’ll get to know you and your partner, so we can choose emotions poses and moments that reflect your own body language and relationship dynamics - whatever they may be.

Overall, I do my best to be an inclusive wedding photographer. You deserve to be validated and seen, to feel safe, and to be celebrated without judgement. I’m here to tell your story with love and respect.