Katherine's vivacious headshots in Uptown, Minneapolis

Sometimes it's hard coming up with headlines for my blog posts. I'd love if I was the kind of writer who could concisely capture someone's personality and passions with wordsmith-y expertise, and I'd just fill up my blog with beautiful paragraphs celebrating the beauty that is these amazing people that I get to meet and talk to and photograph. But really, I don't have the talent to do that with words at all, much less in a catchy and tidy headline. Alas! When I'm overwhelmed with the beauty and love and passion that I see in the clients and friends and people I'm photographing, I suppose I'll just have to stick with trying to capture that personality in photographs, and settle for blog-text that doesn't always do these inspiring people justice. Take Katherine for example. I just spent a good seven minutes trying to come up with the perfect adjectives to describe her amazing, living-abroad, teaching-in-Burma, music-making, yarn-crafting, adventuresome, professional self. Classy, crafty, passionate, eclectic, engaging, empowered, inquisitive.... I'd definitely use these words to describe her, but they don't seem to capture enough of her Katherine-ness. I settled on vivacious, partly because its a really delightful word that I don't use enough, and more importantly because that seemed to be my best option to celebrate Katherine and the way that she soaks up, explores, and flourishes in the world around her.  (I still feel that there must be a better word--or perhaps a paragraph--out there, but after seven minutes I decided it was time to move on) : )

While in town for a summer trip visiting from her work and life abroad, Katherine met up with me for some updated professional headshots. We had a glorious time wandering the streets of Uptown, working to capture some of her colorful, classy, vivacious personality.