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a new kind of wedding gift registry

What is a photography gift registry?

It’s a modern take on a traditional wedding gift registry - a bit similar to a Target or Amazon online registry, but all for photography art!

Alyssa Lund Photography offers a wedding photography gift registry so that wedding guests can gift couples with gift certificates for wedding photography art - from a heirloom wedding album telling their wedding day story, to a collection of favorite portraits to hang on the wall.


How does it work?

Find your couple’s registry below. Just choose what kind of gift certificate you'd like to gift them, include a little note to the couple, and Alyssa Lund Photography will take care of delivering your photography gift certificate and your message.

If you have any questions, just click the "contact" tab above to reach the photographer!


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Heidi and Josh

May 31, 2019

Grace and Ella

september 1, 2019