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Nicole & Matt /// June 8, 2018

Nicole and Matt’s engagement portrait by Emma Danskin Robinson

Nicole and Matt’s engagement portrait by Emma Danskin Robinson


Welcome to Matt and Nicole’s Registry!

These two are getting married and are so excited about remembering their wedding day through pictures. Their photographer, Alyssa Lund Photography, offers this gift registry so that wedding guests can gift couples with wedding photography art - from a heirloom wedding album telling their wedding day story, to a collection of favorite portraits to hang on the wall.


How does it work?

Just choose what kind of gift certificate you'd like to gift them, include a little note to the couple, and Alyssa Lund Photography will take care of delivering your photography gift certificate and your message.

If you have any questions, just click the "contact" tab above to reach the photographer!


this couple has registered for:


handcrafted barnwood frame

Nicole and Matt would love to hang a barnwood frame in their bedroom so they can see a photograph from their wedding every morning when they wake up.

Barnwood frames are built in Louisiana by a collective of artists who use reclaimed barnwood to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind frames. These frames are a beautiful way to honor a favorite wedding photograph.


an heirloom printed wedding album

These printed wedding albums are an incredible way to look back on the story of your wedding day. The couple will choose from beautiful linen and leather cover options, and can include up to 50 thick pages in their final album. Made in the midwest, these albums are rated to last for hundreds of years.

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Nicole and Matt are hoping to create a custom gallery wall for their living room, featuring a trio of favorite pictures of them and their wedding party. They love the idea of unique, happy art that always reminds them of their wedding day surrounded by their community.