Emily and Ian's Wayzata Engagement Photos

When I met Emily and Ian last October, they didn’t have a wedding date yet.

Usually when I meet engaged couples they have a venue and a date in mind, so it’s really fun for me to work with couples that don’t have the place set. Emily, Ian and I were able to talk about their ideal wedding day and I could help out with some suggestions for my favorite venues.

When they chose the beautiful Campus Club for their September wedding I couldn’t have been more excited!

On to the engagement session.

For their engagement portraits, Emily and Ian wanted to capture two different vibes and two different locations.

For the first portraits, Emily and Ian brought me along on a mini-date to charming downtown Wayzata. I love the wardrobe choices the couple made for this part of the session, Emily’s dress is pretty and elegant without distracting from her. Their outfits don’t match too much but compliment the overall feeling.

When I talk to couples about engagement session outfits people often think they have to dress like their having their picture taken. Like they must wear solid colors or coordinated outfits.

My advice is to dress like you’re going on a date with your partner. You’ll pick something that you feel really good wearing, it’ll be fancy (but not over the top for you) and wearing something you’d pick for any occasion makes the photos feel natural.

I love these cute photos of Emily and Ian sharing some macarons from Bellecour on their Wayzata date!

As the sun started to set, we drove to a park near Medicine Lake to capture the pretty fall colors. This park is near Emily and Ian’s home, where they go walking and running everyday, so that instantly brought a different, comfortable feeling to the photos.

I was so happy we could follow the light for these portraits; the photos in Wayzata have the bright, open late-afternoon light of a Minnesota fall. In the park, we were able to capture the golden sunset light and saturated colors of sunset and then, staying just a few moments after the sun truly sets, the very early dusk light softens and mellows out. The sky develops these lovely blues and greys and the vibe gets really romantic and atmospheric. These might be my favorite photos of the session.


Emily and Ian's Engagement Session Art

Emily and Ian knew they wanted to create some art with the photos from their engagement session so I stopped my their house to chat about options. They know that where they live now won’t be their forever home, so they wanted art that could move with them and adapt to new spaces. We designed a gallery wall with four photos, with space to add a larger wedding photo to the grouping after their September marriage. The four photos we chose were all from the second half of their engagement session. While the poses and composition are all dynamic and different, because the setting and wardrobe are the same, the gallery looks intentional.

Emily and Ian, I loved tagging along on this little mini date with you! Thank you for welcoming me into your home so we could create beautiful art together and introducing me to the lovely light at Medicine Lake. I can’t wait to celebrate with you in September!


Alyssa L-K