Three fail-proof outfits for your senior portraits


Feeling stressed out about what to wear for your senior portraits?  I totally get it, but I promise we’ll get through this together and plan something fabulous for you to wear! Most importantly, remember that if you feel comfortable (at home in your clothing style but also physically comfortable—you don’t want anything scratchy or too tight!) then you’ll look relaxed and confident and you’re pictures will be glorious. Honestly! If you’re feeling comfortable and natural, everything else will fall into place. So above all, be yourself! Read more about what to think about when choosing outfits here. If you’re still feeling stuck and can’t figure out what to wear, fear not! I’ve put together a guide for you with three fail-proof outfits (plus examples from past sessions!).

  1. Jeans and a cardigan. Simple, classic, anything but boring. Grab your favorite pair of jeans, a t-shirt in a color you love (a pattern gives you bonus points, but generally avoid anything with text/logos), and a cardigan (or an open collared shirt) in a complimentary or neutral color. Throw on some colorful shoes or boots and a scarf or a bright accent necklace for extra personality.

2. A sundress or a suit, for a little snazziness. Choose a sundress in a classy neutral like gray or black, or go bold in a bright color like coral or turquoise. Patterns and textures are great, but if in doubt just keep it simple with a solid color. Opting for a suit? Go full-out in a suit and tie, or just fancy it up a bit with a suitjacket and a patterned dress shirt over jeans. Bowties and suspenders? Not required, but if that’s your style definitely bring them along!


3. A top with texture. Add visual interest by choosing a top with some texture to it—could be a dress with cool cutouts, a t-shirt with a strong heathered pattern, a cozy knit sweater over leggings, a lace-trimmed blouse.

Still have question about what to wear, or want to talk your options through with someone? At your senior portrait planning meeting, we’ll definitely talk through what you’re planning to wear, but you can always get in touch with me directly too—email or text me pictures of outfit ideas or questions!

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