Nikki and Whitney's Warm, Happy Couple Portraits (with Baby Logan!)

When I met Nikki and Whitney their story gave me goosebumps.

Three years ago, Whitney was playing on the Minnesota Vixens women’s football team when Nikki joined. For a while they were simply teammates, but there was an undeniable chemistry between them and, eventually Whitney reached out on Facebook to tell Nikki that she’d love to get to know her a bit better.

What followed was a few months that both describe as being like your “first elementary school crush.” They were flustered and a little embarrassed around each other, unsure of how to turn the crackling energy of their connection into something more. They’d chat, but they were both so nervous that conversations were awkward and nonsensical.

Then the team took a roadtrip to a game in Lincoln, Nebraska. The two sat together on the bus and over the course of the long ride their awkwardness melted away and they finally just talked. They talked about everything, they talked about the meaning of life and the universe, and, by the end of the trip, they were shyly holding hands (THE SWEETNESS!) and starting to see life as something they would do together.

These two have such a sense of their love being part of a bigger pattern. Nikki, whose eloquent first email had me waiting to learn more, described them like this

“We’re exact opposites. I’m the bubbly, social one and Whitney is laid back, calm and collected. We met when we both of us joined a football team, which had to be an act of fate since neither of us knows anything about football. Once we did meet, it wasn’t just getting to know each other and falling in love, but it was also the moment we remembered each other. Allow me to elaborate, Whitney is my soulmate. I know that’s horrifically cheesy, but bear with me, when I look at her I remember her from the many lives we have had together. I know with my entire being that she has been my other half from the beginning and we continue to travel through all kinds of journeys to get back to one another again.”

In the past three years they’ve built a life together and, this year, were joined by their sweet baby girl, Logan. Together we planned a couple/family session to document their love and this sweet time becoming a family of three with Logan.

Because we were working with a small kiddo (and busy moms), we intentionally kept this session short and really focused, planning just 20-30 minutes of photos. While that might sound like not enough time, it’s the perfect window to take advantage of a good baby mood, and tell a wonderful story of who a couple and a family is together.

Nikki and Whitney had brought along a family friend to hang out with Logan so that we could capture a few photos of just the two of them. The sun was really setting and the pretty light and lush, late-summer greenery bring such a sense of soft happiness to these photos.

Nikki and Whitney same sex engagement portraits Minneapolis-09.jpg
Nikki and Whitney same sex engagement portraits Minneapolis-11.jpg
Nikki and Whitney same sex engagement portraits Minneapolis-12.jpg

Then, we added in baby Logan for some super sweet moments. I planned some usual portraits with them all looking at the camera, but I also gave small activities and actions for them to do so I could capture their love together in a more candid way. This first photo of them grinning like goons at Logan melted my heart. What a special photo for Logan to have when she’s older to see how her moms were besotted with her from the very beginning.

Nikki and Whitney same sex engagement portraits Minneapolis-01.jpg
Nikki and Whitney same sex engagement portraits Minneapolis-02.jpg
Nikki and Whitney same sex engagement portraits Minneapolis-03.jpg
Nikki and Whitney same sex engagement portraits Minneapolis-04.jpg
Nikki and Whitney same sex engagement portraits Minneapolis-05.jpg
Nikki and Whitney same sex engagement portraits Minneapolis-07.jpg
Nikki and Whitney same sex engagement portraits Minneapolis-08.jpg
Nikki and Whitney same sex engagement portraits Minneapolis-06.jpg

Nikki and Whitney, thank you for sharing your sweet story with me and introducing me to your beautiful family. I loved talking with you about soulmates and the universe and hearing how much you love your smart, awesome little girl. I’m so thankful that fate brought you, and us, together.

Alyssa L-K