A leather printed wedding album with gold foil embossing

If I've ever chatted with you about wedding photography, odds are I talked about my passion for creating printed wedding art that you can hold in your hands. This is what I love most about my work - capturing meaningful wedding images is awesome, but handing a couple a tangible leather wedding album full of storytelling photographs is unlike anything else. This album was created from Matt and Aybike's U of M Campus Club wedding - their day was full of little emotional moments (from Aybike getting ready with her mom before the day started, to the couple's unity olive tree that they planted together during their ceremony, to their lingering reception and epic dance party full of happy friends and lots of laughing...) so a printed wedding album was perfect to document the narrative of their day.

This square album fits perfectly on a coffee table, and I love the way that the gold foil embossing on the cover really pops next to the black leather.

A leather printed wedding album with gold foil
A leather printed wedding album with gold foil

How to make a printed wedding album

Since I create printed wedding art with all of my couples, I've got it down to a really easy process. :) If I know that a couple is hoping to create a wedding album, I will design a mockup album as I prepare their wedding pictures for the couple.

When we meet in person to go through their wedding pictures for the first time (which can happen as soon as two weeks after a wedding!) I'll show them all the pictures (yay!! So exciting to see them all the first time!) and then I'll show them the mockup album design I've created - it's my interpretation of the story of their day. We'll usually use that as a starting point - couples will swap out any pictures they like (sometimes it's just one or two, sometimes it's change around entire pages) but we'll finalize the design while we're together so I can get it ordered right away.

My album printer is based in the midwest and has an incredible turnaround time - they arrive just two weeks after the album gets ordered. This means that one month after a wedding, a couple can be holding their printed wedding album in their hands!! It's amazing to be able to enjoy your printed wedding photographs so quickly, and such a fulfilling piece of art to create with my couples.

Minneapolis wedding album-02
Minneapolis wedding album-02
Minneapolis wedding album-03
Minneapolis wedding album-04