Photo of the week: honeymoon wildflowers

My friends, I've traveled through a few beautiful weeks and now write to you with a new legal name! With my wedding now two weeks in my memory, I am officially Alyssa Lund-Kyrola : )  I don't feel any different being married now-- my commitment and love for my partner feels the same as it did previously, and I'm still waiting for any mystical waves of maturity or adulthood to pass over me. But the wedding was absolutely lovely and magic and it felt so deeply beautiful to have a community surrounding Tyler and I as we shared and celebrated our partnership. Post-wedding, we rented a little cabin up in the North woods of MN and spent a week hiking and photo-adventuring in beautiful state parks. Here's a pair of my favorite images from that week--this mystery wildflower was part of a vase-ful that was on the kitchen table of our cabin, and for the first few days of the week it was a super-ugly green fuzzy bud of awkwardness. On our last day of the honeymoon, though, it opened up and turned into this beautiful thing!

More wedding stories and pictures to come, my friends. Until then!