Patrick and Jeff's Sunny, South Minneapolis Engagement Photography

Patrick and Jeff are a bit of a magical couple: they’re laid-back and welcoming, fun and adventurous - the kind of people that just feel so good to be around. Patrick was one of my good buddies back in college, and I was really delighted when he and Jeff asked me to photograph their engagement session and upcoming wedding at Aria this November. For their engagement session, I spent a beautiful summer evening with them in their South Minneapolis neighborhood.

When we talked about what they were looking for in their engagement pictures, they wanted photography that would feel relaxed and true to them. Since they wanted a mix of photos - some that would feel more lifestyle and candid, and some that felt more portrait-like and focused on the two of them and their relationship - we decided on selecting two locations for their engagement session. 

Patrick and Jeff actually just bought their first house at the end of May, so we started the session in their home! The space feels open and colorful and mid-century modern. Jeff has a great eye for furniture and decor and has really brought a lot of personality and texture into their space, which made it super fun to photograph.  I took pictures of them (and their sweet cat, Fred) in their living room and dining room, and I was so happy to get to document the excitement of having a new home, alongside their love for each other! 

Jeff Patrick Engagement-03.jpg
Jeff Patrick Engagement-14.jpg

For the second portion of their engagement session, we took a walk on their regular evening route along Minnehaha Parkway. It was a beautiful time of night, just before sunset, with a lot of happy sun coming through the trees. I love that these pictures feel so relaxed and intimate with some really calm, sweet moments - like they’re just having a little date enjoying their neighborhood. It was a really lovely session, and a beautiful way to experience a summer evening.

Jeff Patrick Engagement-31.jpg
Jeff Patrick Engagement-37.jpg
Jeff Patrick Engagement-48.jpg
Jeff Patrick Engagement-50.jpg
Jeff Patrick Engagement-60.jpg
Jeff Patrick Engagement-61.jpg
Jeff Patrick Engagement-62.jpg

Patrick and Jeff, you two are the best!!Thank you for welcoming me into your beautiful home, introducing me to Fred, and enjoying a sunny summer evening with me. Documing this lovely moment in your lives, and your love for each other, was incredible and I am so so looking forward to documenting your wedding in November!

Alyssa L-K