Charlotte and Marty's outdoor wedding on a farm

These two. Charlotte and Marty got married last summer at beautiful farm in Kansas. They had family coming from many corners of the country, and from around the world - the coasts, the midwest, the south (they live in Arkansas!), some family from England... they had chosen Kansas because it was a somewhat central location, and because Marty had family history there. There wedding was at his grandfather's farm, and so full of community and family and love. 

It's funny, I don't usually identify as a destination wedding photographer from Minnesota, but I've actually traveled to a number of weddings before! It adds a really fun element of adventure to the wedding experience - when things are so new it's even easier for me to notice to all of the unique details and moments that make up a wedding day.  Plus, I love traveling. And I love shooting weddings. Combining the two is perfection :) 

Charlotte and Marty's Wedding Day

Charlotte and Marty's outdoor wedding on a farm started in the morning - I arrived with Tyler (my partner and also my second shooter for most weddings!) to a nearby relative's home where the two of them were getting ready in separate areas.

After documenting them with their wedding parties and family as they prepped for the day, we set up a private "first look" for them outside on the porch so we could photograph them seeing each other for the first time that day. They had a super sweet moment - there were some tears, there was some laughing, and I could tell they were just so happy to be together and embarking on their day!

We captured portraits with their families and wedding party at the farm before their ceremony, which took place right around sunset and was absolutely perfect and so full of love. Their reception was relaxing and full of food and hilarious toasts and dancing outside under the stars. It sounds very idyllic and that's because it was!! Absolutely lovely people; an absolutely incredible wedding. 


In their own words...

Charlotte and Marty wrote up some beautiful words to share about their wedding day, so I'm going to hand it off to them to share their story. 

"When we saw our pictures, we felt thrilled! Happy and teary and like we were living it all over again. I knew they would be great but they were even better than I expected!

Not only did she catch our carefree attitudes and humor, but she was patient with us and our nervousness in front of the camera. We weren't great at posing and looking relaxed, but she was able to take many awesome pictures of us looking happy and relaxed.

We ordered a 50 page wedding album and got three photos for a custom wall gallery.  The wedding album is amazing and we have it on the coffee table in our living room so that we can share it with all our friends and family that come over.

I think we both feel like having photography for the important moments in your life is more important and wort while than we had before. Everyone told us that we would want pictures to remember our special day, but I didn't really believe we'd be that grateful to have pictures. In the end, our wedding weekend flew by and we had far too little time to catch up with all our guests the way we would have liked to. So, having these pictures to remind us of what our day was like and who was there to share in the celebration with us is so special. It is also really special to have our pictures because we had family who couldn't make it to our wedding and they all told us that our pictures were so beautiful and told the story of the day so well that they felt like they had been there. Being able to offer our relatives that experience was really special to us.

Alyssa is excellent at what she does. A true professional. She was patient, a great listener and good at anticipating what our worries or questions might be. She was always very clear with next steps and expectations, and incredibly organized. I felt very comfortable through the whole process, but especially during the wedding. She and Tyler remained calm and flexible which was very helpful during our busy day. And our pictures were worth every penny! We love them and are so thrilled to have these beautiful reminders of our special day and everyone who helped us celebrate."

Charlotte and Marty's wedding art

Charlotte and Marty wanted to pick a few favorite wedding photos to hang on their wall, and create a printed wedding album to document the feeling of their full wedding day photographs. 

They chose a series of three frames with a dark brown espresso finish - I think the dark wood looks so elegant and really compliments their outdoor wedding. They chose three pictures from their First Look (when they first saw each other on the wedding day), and since the setting/colors were consistent in all three pictures, this series looks beautiful displayed all together!

Charlotte and Marty wedding art-2.jpg

We designed a custom 50-page album full of pictures from every moment of the day. They selected a gray leather cover that feels really timeless and elegant. 

Charlotte and Marty wedding art.jpg

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