Emily and Phil's Non-Traditional Wedding Day at Bauhaus Brewlabs

My favorite weddings are those that truly embody the couple getting married. And when Emily and Phil told me how they wanted to structure their wedding celebration to embrace their supportive community, I was instantly on board.

Fun fact: I met Emily and Phil in 2016 at Phil’s brother Tyler’s wedding to his wife Sujata. I was honored when they wanted to work with me to capture memories of their own wedding day.

So, Emily and Phil. They didn’t want a big, traditional wedding day. No big wedding party,  no first look, no formal structure. In fact they didn’t even want to do it all on the same day.


The Ceremony and portraits at the Arboretum

The ceremony took place on a beautiful (and then rainy) October Saturday at the Landscape Arboretum. There were only a dozen-or-so people, just close family, that watched them marry each other in a sweet, lovely ceremony with Phil’s family pastor presiding.

For their wedding portraits, I explored the three mile drive with Emily and Phil. I love Fall in the Arboretum’s gardens, and I especially love these intimate photos of them with the stunning Autumn foliage.


The Reception and party at Bauhaus Brewlabs

While Emily and Phil wanted the ceremony to be a special moment for their families, they envisioned a big, fun, casual party to celebrate with their incredible, supportive, broad community.

So that’s what they did. The Sunday following the ceremony, Emily and Phil planned a lovely day at Bauhaus Brewlabs and invited everyone in their circle to join in, eat, drink beer and hang out.

The reception was unstructured and free flowing, and it was less important for Emily and Phil to have lots of posed photos and more important to capture the joyful celebration of their entire community.

Fun personal details at Emily and phil's reception

One of my favorite parts of the brewery reception was how much Emily and Phil had infused personality into all the details. From baby photos, to favors, to their giant map guest book commemorating all places they’ve been and hope to go.

Sunset wedding photos at Bauhaus brewlabs

Of course, Emily, Phil and I snuck out throughout the day to take photos, just the two of them. It was important to both of them to have beautiful memories of the day to frame for their home, so I want to make sure to capture their relaxed, happy joy. I think I love the one of them on the outdoor patio best: eyes closed, besotted with each other, replete with happiness. A perfect memory of the day.

Emily and Phil, I am so happy that I was able to be a part of your wedding day. You have such an incredible group of people surrounding you both, and these pictures take me back to your relaxed Sunday afternoon reception - good food, good beer, and a beautiful community. Here’s to many more Sunday afternoons at the brewery. Congratulations Emily and Phil!

Alyssa L-K