Preview: Katherine and John

Katherine and John's wedding in Idaho Falls

Still flying high from their wedding last weekend in Idaho Falls - it was intimate, relaxed, nontraditional, and true to them. 

Above: Katherine and John didn't want to hog all the love, so at the end of their ceremony they invited all their guests to kiss or embrace along with them. So much joy and love and community!! (Click on each image to zoom in, if you like). 

The picture below was taken at sunset the night before their wedding. I love the sense of place that this image has - this field and canal are just steps away from John's childhood home, and this breathtaking sunset the evening before their wedding was pretty magical.  

Katherine and John, thank you for being amazing people and I can't wait to show you the rest of your pictures!!

Katherine and John Idaho wedding photography -01-2.jpg

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Alyssa L-K