Jen and Eric's Joyful Fall Wedding

From our first meeting, it was clear that Jen and Eric were infatuated. I was immediately taken with how kind they are to each other, how they both listen to and respect what the other has to say.

They both agreed that they wanted their wedding photos to be an extension of their lives: relaxed, happy and full of joy in their community and family. Jen and Eric also wanted their photos to tell the story of their wedding day, to capture the candids and emotions in moments they wouldn’t get to see.

They were married in the fall and our unpredictable Minnesota weather created a last-minute challenge: rain. Originally planned as an outdoor wedding, Jen and Eric decided to activate their rainy-weather backup plan and move the wedding indoors. It was a relief to both of them that they already had a plan in place and could celebrate without worrying about getting soaked!

Getting Ready

The morning of wedding day I met them at Hope Presbyterian Church in Spicer, Minnesota to capture Jen and Eric getting ready with their families and attendants.

The First Look

Jen and Eric were both excited to have little snippets of time together throughout their wedding day. Having moments to be calm and be together was so important to them and started with their first look.

I was so excited that the weather cleared just as the couple was ready to see each other. We were able to do the first look in a lush nook close to the church. Jen’s wedding dress had an magnificent long train so we placed Eric at the bottom of a long walkway, Jen floated down to him with her beautiful train flowing behind.


Family and Wedding Party Portraits

The rain held off long enough for us to photograph both families and the wedding party outdoors as well. I was so touched to see Jen and Eric’s joy in celebrating with their families. We took the photos in the space the couple had originally planned for the ceremony and it was a sweet reinvention of their original plan.


The Wedding Ceremony in Hope Presbyterian Church

Jen and Eric’s ceremony was also filled with the joy of their family and friends. Music was provided by their attendants, their beautiful voices accompanied the procession into the church. And the officiant, a family relative, knew the couple well. His words so eloquently captured what made them special to each other.


Sunset Portraits

Jen and Eric might have some of my favorite sunset portraits to date and, while the first sunset session was part of the plan, the second one was a lucky surprise. After greeting their guests, the couple and I popped out for some relaxed photos in the beautiful golden light. I love the clear joy and big smiles as Jen and Eric take in their first moments as husband and wife.

In these portraits, my second photographer (I brought my partner, Tyler, along for this wedding), is hiding behind Jen and Eric with a flash, to provide some subtle backlighting to the couple. While almost all my photographs are made with natural light, I love knowing some techniques to give nature a helping hand and enhance the dramatic sunset light without making the photos looking fake or cheesy.

After these first sunset portraits the couple returned to their reception, to chatting with guests and eating dinner. It had only been about a half hour when I glanced outside and there was this huge, epic pink sky!

Those natural rosy hues are more rare, they tend to happen only five or so minutes before the sunset and they’re not always predictable for photos, so I quickly asked Jen and Eric if they’d be up for a few more portraits and we made our way outside. As soon as they saw the sky, they paused, overwhelmed by how lovely it was and this second set of romantic portraits are the result. They’re even more magical for being so unexpected.

The  Wedding Reception at the Wilmar Conference Center

Nothing captures Jen and Eric’s wedding more than the photos on the dance floor. Everyone, from the littlest flower girl to Jen’s grandmother, was dancing and laughing and celebrating together. I was especially touched by this sweet moment of Jen dancing with her grandmother (that’s her in the blue dress) this is the type of photo that I feel so privileged to be able to make, one that will become more and more important over time to remember the people who love us.

Making an Album

When we first met, Jen and Eric knew they wanted a wedding album and so we made sure the photos told the story of their day. From the moments they saw and experienced, to the joy and laughter of family and friends.

wedding album by Alyssa Lund Photography-01.jpg
wedding album by Alyssa Lund Photography-02.jpg
wedding album by Alyssa Lund Photography-03.jpg
wedding album by Alyssa Lund Photography-04.jpg

Jen and Eric, I loved capturing how kind you are to each other. Seeing the wholehearted way you embraced your community and created a wedding day full of joy, laughter and moments together was so special! Congratulations Jen and Eric!


Alyssa L-K