How to make a wedding album with your photographer


Many couples wonder how to make a wedding album with their wedding pictures. Because I create wedding albums for so many couples, I've honed my album design process to be stress-free, simple, and super speedy: my couples can receive their album as quickly as a month after their wedding day. I'll walk you through the process by showing you how I worked with the Andersons to create their leather wedding album. Jenna and Aaron Anderson had a beautiful, relaxed Autumn wedding last year at the Wild Marsh Golf Club in Buffalo, MN. They decided to order a printed leather wedding album with twenty pages of their favorite pictures from their wedding day.

The beauty of a printed leather wedding album

Designing wedding albums is one of my favorite parts of my job as a Minneapolis wedding photographer, and truthfully speaking I think it's one things that I'm best known for. As many of you know, couples come to me because of my specialty and passion for creating printed, tangible art with wedding photographs. My couples want to have digital images of their wedding pictures, but they also care about creating something they can hold in their hands and pass on to the children someday!

A leather wedding album is a beautiful way to to keep your wedding photographs because the format allows you to remember the story of your wedding day.

How to create a wedding album
How to create a wedding album

How to make a wedding album?

The process begins even before your wedding: I had talked with Jenna and Aaron a number of times during their wedding planning process and knew that they were interested in a small wedding album for their coffee table. When I showed them their wedding pictures (at their Wedding Reveal two weeks after their wedding), I had already prepared a mockup album design that I felt would tell the story of their wedding day! After watching a slideshow of all of their wedding

Jenna and Aaron felt like the overall design was a good fit for them and swapped out a couple pictures to include their favorite portraits. They chose a charcoal leather cover with their names and wedding date imprinting... and that's it! We finalized their album design in less than an hour, and it arrived to their home just two weeks later.

I still remember the email that I got from Jenna after their wedding album arrived... this is what she said:

"Everything arrived about an hour ago - needless to say I've been reliving the day ever since! We are so happy with the way everything turned out." 
Creative Minneapolis Wedding Photography by Alyssa Lund Photography
Creative Minneapolis Wedding Photography by Alyssa Lund Photography

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