Hannah and Matt's Snowy Engagement Photos

Hannah and Matt had a bit of a dilemma, they really wanted to take their engagement photos in the beautiful Minneapolis summer weather. But they also needed some photos quickly to announce their late-fall engagement and to create Save the Dates for their friends and family.

This is where I love building custom packages that really serve my couples. Instead of planning one big engagement session, we split that time into two mini sessions. One in midwinter to create photos for their Save the Dates and one in midsummer.

Hannah and Matt were planning a big wedding with the focus on their close-knit communities of friends and family. (It’s in a few weeks and I’m so excited!) So they wanted these engagement photos to be a bit more intimate-feeling, light-hearted and focused on them as a couple.

We planned a session for February at Lake of the Isles. I love this location for photos, depending on the specific part of the lakeshore you choose it can feel like a little city neighborhood or a park in the middle of nowhere. These photos are so natural and woodsy, full of trees and fresh, white snow.

One aspect that’s always a challenge with winter engagement photos is our Minnesota weather, in midwinter the sub-freezing temps can not only impact my photography gear, but legitimately pose a danger to my my couples and I - nobody likes frostbite!

For Hannah and Matt’s session the temperature was hovering right around zero with some light wind. This is about the coldest I deem safe and we took some specific steps to make sure everyone was frostbite-free, and that Hannah and Matt wouldn’t look frigid and miserable in photos.

  1. We had a spot to warm up at the ready. We kept a running car nearby with the temperature cranked up. That way we coup pop out, take photos for 5-10 minutes and then return to a warm car to defrost for a bit.

  2. Hannah and Matt bundled up whenever possible. Since Hannah and Matt elected to fogo bulky coats in these photos, they had on lovely textured sweaters that, while still warm, weren’t up to the full chill. We made sure they had coats and mittens at the ready to bundle up when we were walking between locations.

  3. I chose dynamic poses to keep their minds off the chill. I love offering posing guidance that incorporates a bit of action like “walk a little over there” or “kiss his nose” and those little bits of movement are even more important in the cold weather. Being able to focus on DOING something, rather than standing still in the cold, makes for more authentic, natural, happy photos, rather than shivering people.

I’ll be sharing Hannah and Matt’s summer session in the next few weeks and finally their October wedding!!

Hannah Matt winter engagement-01.jpg
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Alyssa L-K