Hannah and Matt's Romantic, Summer Stone Arch Bridge Engagement Photos

Hannah and Matt had a bit of a dilemma: they needed photos to announce their engagement in winter, but they really wanted some engagement photos in the lovely Minnesota summer. So we created a custom package that included two engagement mini sessions. A couple weeks ago, I shared Hannah and Matt’s snowy winter engagement photos, and now I can’t wait for you to see their summer engagement portraits!

One of the wonderful and complicated things about taking mostly outdoor photographs is that we’re often at the mercy of mother nature. We had to reschedule Hannah and Matt’s session a few times due to truly torrential rain, but our patience was rewarded with the happiest, sunniest early-summer day.

They wanted some iconic views of the city along with some lovely greenery and so the Stone Arch Bridge was a perfect choice. It’s one of my favorite places to photograph in Minneapolis; not only are the sunsets amazing, but the St. Anthony Main side of the bridge offers the perfect chance to blend the more architectural backdrop of the bridge with warm, vibrant green photos in the park.

These photos are the epitome of Minneapolis summer. Hannah and Matt chose bright, airy wardrobe pieces that are perfect for the season and we spent the first part of their session ducking in and out of these warm patches of light in the park. The portraits are super sweet and romantic.

Hannah Matt Summer-01.jpg
Hannah Matt Summer-08.jpg
Hannah Matt Summer-03.jpg
Hannah Matt Summer-05.jpg
Hannah Matt Summer-06.jpg
Hannah Matt Summer-13.jpg
Hannah Matt Summer-15.jpg
Hannah Matt Summer-16.jpg
Hannah Matt Summer-17.jpg

We moved onto the bridge during the sunset golden hour, and encountered the usual crowd of people taking photos and enjoying the bridge. One of the things I always talk with my couples about when they choose iconic locations for engagement photos is that these locations are often crowded. Because it’s nearly impossible to get a photo without other folks in it, I usually try to include a mix of portraits from these types of locations: for some of the photos I just capture the reality of the lively mix of folks in the background, like this one of Hannah with her arms around Matt’s neck; I also try to use angles and deploy a little Photoshop editing fanciness to capture photos where there are fewer people and the focus is solely on the couple.

Hannah Matt Summer-18.jpg

One of the fun editing techniques I used to capture this lovely photo where Hannah and Matt are holding hands and the bridge is empty all around them is to create a composite photograph. I took about half-a-dozen photos of all the different parts of the bridge when they were empty of crowds and then used Photoshop to stitch each of the photos together to create this magic portrait where it feels like Hannah and Matt are the only people in the world.

Hannah Matt Summer-20.jpg
Hannah Matt Summer-22.jpg
Hannah Matt Summer-25.jpg
Hannah Matt Summer-24.jpg

Hannah and Matt, I loved that we got to celebrate so much of this year together. From your winter engagement session to your fall wedding to this early summer photoshoot, it’s been such an honor to get to know you both (and it’s magical to think that you’ll have photographs documenting so much of Minnesota’s seasons!) Thank you for everything.

Alyssa L-K