Eliza and Isaac’s intentional, natural wedding at Como Conservatory

This was a wedding with a really intentional couple, a strong connection to nature, and a beautiful, celebratory community. 

Eliza and Isaac both love nature, have musical backgrounds, and are creative and kind souls. I photographed their early-morning engagement session at Raspberry Island last fall, where I focused on capturing their sincere, down-to-earth personality and loving relationship. From my first meeting with them, the respect and gentleness that they hold for their relationship was so clear - they think so much about the words they say and how they treat each other, and they carried that intentionality into their wedding day.

They wanted wedding pictures that were organic and natural, full of emotions and community. They loved the idea of pictures of them laughing with their friends, storytelling candid photos, and documenting little quiet moments with their families - photos that would tell the story of how their day felt.

Getting ready upstairs at Como Conservatory

When I arrived (with Tyler, my partner and second shooter on wedding days), we found Eliza and Isaac each getting ready upstairs at Como. Isaac got ready with his groomsmen and little nephew - I love this black and white photo where he is talking with his nephew about his ring-bearing job, and the little nephew is listening so intently! 

Eliza got ready next door with her wedding party - all in pretty silk pajamas- while they got their hair done. One detail I loved was that their hairstylist wove little pieces of greenery into all of the hairstyles - tying little ferns and leaves into everyone’s braids really connected to Eliza and Isaac’s love of nature. Even their little gold/glass ring box had some fresh leaves tucked inside - such a lovely touch.  

Eliza Isaac-004.jpg
Eliza Isaac-006.jpg
Eliza Isaac-008.jpg
Eliza Isaac-029.jpg
Eliza Isaac-052.jpg

First look & couple portraits at Como Conservatory

Isaac and Eliza wanted to plan a First Look so I could photograph the moment they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day. It was a calm, loving, intimate moment under the trees - a really beautiful setting to kick off the chapter of the day when they were together. After their first look, we took advantage of the beautiful landscape and nature that Como Conservatory has to offer - we used the Japanese garden for their first look, and then walked to one of the greenhouses full of palm trees. They actually got engaged by the fountain in that space, so it’s a super meaningful place for them. 

Eliza Isaac-098.jpg
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Eliza Isaac-109.jpg
Eliza Isaac-112.jpg

Family and wedding party portraits

We decided to stay inside for portraits with Eliza and Isaac’s immediate families - there was beautiful natural light in the common area near the getting-ready rooms, and it was air-conditioned! This was one of those really hot days in late July, so we didn’t want to risk family members getting uncomfortable or sweaty outside. So we stayed where it was cool and comfortable so that we could make the family portrait part of the day as easy/relaxed as possible. 

One of my favorite photos from their family portraits was this portrait with each of their immediate families, all together: their new combined family! Family photos are one of those things that people don’t usually love having to stand around and take, but they can be really special to have afterwards. My goal is to keep them efficient and easy for everyone, and when you get a beautiful picture like this, it’s so well worth it!

Then, we went outside with their wedding party for a little walk under the trees. This black and white one of them walking with their wedding party is actually one of my favorite photos from that day! They were all laughing and look so happy and relaxed.

Eliza Isaac-151.jpg
Eliza Isaac-145.jpg
Eliza Isaac-155.jpg
Eliza Isaac-176.jpg
Creative Minneapolis Wedding Photography by Alyssa Lund Photography.jpg

Pre-Ceremony and Ceremony

We had a little downtime right before their ceremony - I got a couple pictures of their outdoor ceremony site and decor before people filled in, and then documented guests settling into the ceremony space before everything began.

During their ceremony processionals, one of my favorite photos was of Eliza and Isaac’s niece and nephew walking down the aisle doing their ring bearer/flower girl duties! They look so proud and careful with their jobs. And this portrait of Eliza walking in with her mom is so full of emotion - Eliza looks so incredibly full of love and excitement. 

Their ceremony format was really intentional and special - they had every member of their wedding party say something as part of their ceremony. So their officiant, their friend Justin, talked at the beginning about the two of them. They had readings from a handful of their wedding party folks, and then the rest of the wedding party - their siblings - all sang a song together which Eliza had arranged. She’s a music teacher, and both of Eliza and Isaac’s families are really musical, so this was a touching and beautiful moment that seemed so true to their story.

Eliza Isaac-213.jpg
Eliza Isaac-220.jpg
Eliza Isaac-255.jpg
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St. Paul Como Conservatory Wedding Photography-36.jpg
St. Paul Como Conservatory Wedding Photography-38.jpg
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Wedding Reception at Como Conservatory

After their ceremony, Isaac and Eliza greeted their guests with a receiving line in front of their cocktail hour patio - I love this photo of Isaac’s brother greeting Eliza - he was saying something sweet about welcoming her into the family, and it’s a really authentic, emotional moment. 

Eliza Isaac-320.jpg
Eliza Isaac-318.jpg

Before guests headed into the reception space for dinner, Tyler and I snuck into the space to photograph their reception decor. Their space was a long, tall corridor with beautiful floor to ceiling windows - the ceiling had been draped in tulle which felt really atmospheric, and they had a mix of low and tall centerpieces which gave some great depth and texture to the space. The tables were full of succulents and candles - all the greenery and natural elements really brought the outside in, and emphasized their connection to nature. 

St. Paul Como Conservatory Wedding Photography-42.jpg

Toasts are one of my favorite parts of wedding days! I’m a storyteller, I’m an emotional sap, and I love getting to hear people tell stories about why they love other people. All the love and community!! That’s why I’m a wedding photographer right there :) During toasts, I try to use my flashes and some technical knowledge to get emotional pictures that carry back to the vibe that the toasts had. Isaac’s brother gave a toast that was fun and hilarious, and I love this picture of him with this mid-laugh grin. And these two pictures of Eliza’s sister talking are so sweet - her toast was just sentimental and happy and I love how that comes through here. 

St. Paul Como Conservatory Wedding Photography-54.jpg

Romantic Portraits in Como Park

After dinner, I snuck outside with Eliza and Isaac for a few pictures of them on the terrace and balcony at Como. It was a really relaxed, calm time of day, and I love that the post-sunset sky had relaxed into such a calm color. It all made a beautiful backdrop for some really romantic, magical portraits. 

St. Paul Como Conservatory Wedding Photography-51.jpg
St. Paul Como Conservatory Wedding Photography-50.jpg

The happiest dance party

During Eliza and Isaac’s first dance, one of Eliza’s students sang La Vie En Rose, accompanied by a live band. They look so immersed in each other in these First Dance photos, and I love the energy of their guests all watching them. And then they just had a really epic dance party - their live band brought amazing energy, and literally everyone was on the dance floor having an amazing time.

St. Paul Como Conservatory Wedding Photography-57.jpg
St. Paul Como Conservatory Wedding Photography-58.jpg

I love wrapping up with these pictures of fun dancing and this epic conga line - because Eliza and Isaac had so many moments of that intentional community woven through their day, and it seems like a really fitting end to their wedding story to see them them literally surrounded in a circle of community and love.

St. Paul Como Conservatory Wedding Photography-59.jpg
St. Paul Como Conservatory Wedding Photography-60.jpg
St. Paul Como Conservatory Wedding Photography-63.jpg
St. Paul Como Conservatory Wedding Photography-64.jpg

Isaac and Eliza, I can’t tell you how happy I’ve been to get to know you both over this last year. It was such an honor to share in all of the magic and emotions of your day. Thank you so much for trusting me to document your love and your community. You are the best!! Congratulations!

Thanks to the other vendors who made this beautiful day happen!

Venue: Como Conservatory
Florals, decor, and day-of coordination: Stacy from Legacy Acres Events

Hair and Makeup: Primped
Bridal attire: Bridal Accents Couture
Tuxes: Wedding Shoppe
Catering: Lancer catering
Cake: Buttercream
Stationary: A Milestone Paper Co.
Music: Bluewater Kings Band
Jewelry: Jareds, Jewelry by Johan

Alyssa L-K