Eliza and Issac's Mellow Fall Engagement Session on Raspberry Island

Eliza and Isaac's engagement session was a little bit serendipity, a little bit perfect fit and a little bit of an excited scramble to capture the most perfect fall weather.

Eliza and Isaac are dear friends of Erin, who joined my in my Illuminate Boudoir studio to capture some personal branding portraits for her work as a music teacher. Erin recommended me when Eliza and Isaac were searching for a wedding photographer (thank you Erin!) and they reached out this fall to see if we’d be a good fit.

I spoke to them early in the week and it was instantly a wonderful meeting of minds, values and creative vision. During our initial phone conversation, Eliza and Isaac returned often to the idea of shaping their relationship with intention, of prioritizing an egalitarian partnership, of lending awareness to the gender roles that often influence relationships and remaking those into something that works for them. They were so mindful of how they wanted to spend their life together and so excited to share their wedding with their important people and communities. So basically a lovely fit for the wedding stories I love to help tell!

Isaac loves the fall, and since they plan on getting married in the spring, they really wanted to capture some of the amazing changefullness of the Twin Cities fall in their engagement portraits. Just one problem: Minnesota has had a sort of strange fall this year, with a marked lack of those crisp, clear fall days that are the best part of the season.

By chance, the week Eliza and Isaac contacted me, it felt like fall had finally arrived! So instead of waiting, we met, designed their photography package and did their engagement session all in one week! It was a bit of a whirlwind but so worth it for these perfect autumn portraits.

As people whose relationship history included time apart, long-distance romance, and joining each other for big cross-country moves, Eliza and Isaac really wanted to capture their bond together. They really prioritize being close to each other, pursuing their own interests and activities in parallel, spending time enjoying their home and being self-reflective.

We chose the lovely scenery of Raspberry and Harriet Islands as the setting for these photos, I love the magical surprise of this tiny, beautiful bit of nature in the midst of the urban environment in St. Paul and it’s the perfect backdrop for these cozy, mellow portraits that we took just after sunrise in the clear, golden light just following the dawn.

St. Paul Engagement Session at Raspberry Island-04.jpg
St. Paul Engagement Session at Raspberry Island-06.jpg
St. Paul Engagement Session at Raspberry Island-09.jpg
St. Paul Engagement Session at Raspberry Island-14.jpg
St. Paul Engagement Session at Raspberry Island-17.jpg
St. Paul Engagement Session at Raspberry Island-24.jpg
St. Paul Engagement Session at Raspberry Island-01.jpg
Alyssa L-K