Alli and Tavish's Elegant Fall Wedding at Bunker Hill Golf Course

Just after I met Alli and Tavish, they invited me over to their house and cooked me dinner. That simple gesture completely sums up Alli and Tavish as people and as a couple. They’re so calm and comfortable, beautifully in tune with one another and focused on creating a welcoming, easy atmosphere for everyone around them.

When they asked me to photograph their laid-back, elegant fall wedding at Bunker Hill Golf Course, I was so happy to oblige.

Alli and Tavish are high school sweethearts. They’ve been together for seven years, through lots of changes, life experiences and four years of long distance while they attended different colleges. They were excited to plan a relaxed, beautiful wedding day that honored their history together and felt easy - so they could focus on celebrating with their dear friends and family.

The First Look

Alli and Tavish’s first look is one of my favorite sweet moments from their wedding day. Each had written a letter to the other and, as they had these soft, quiet moments together, they shared the letters. I’m not sure what either of them wrote, but I feel so lucky to have captured these overwhelming emotions while Alli and Tavish read the letters. Taking a moment to focus on each other set the tone for these first photos, and I love that these pictures document them being immersed in each other before their wedding.

We took a few portraits in the lush, early fall foliage. I love how peaceful Alli and Tavish are together!


Alli’s First Moment with Her Dad

When we first met, Alli told me about the super-close relationship she had with her dad how she wanted to plan a special moment with him before the ceremony. So after she and Tavish had their first look, Alli stayed outside and had a small “first look” with her dad. Alli’s dad was overcome with emotion, even before he turned to see Alli. As soon as she tapped him on the shoulder, he was crying, she was crying, her dad was so excited to celebrate this day with his daughter. It was super-cute. Such a lovely intentional moment together.


Wedding Party Portraits

The colors Alli and Tavish selected for the wedding embodied the most elegant version of fall. The couple, threaded the deep emerald greens, plums and golds throughout the wedding party colors and the details are a beautiful compliment to the autumn leaves.

Both Alli and Tavish’s attendants were so fun! We took some lovely photos walking the golf course grounds and then paused to take a few more-posed portraits. The joyful energy was so real, and a few goofball groomsmen couldn’t resist some silliness. This sweet, funny photo of the groomsmen with their arms around Tavish was a serendipitous moment.


The Wedding Ceremony at the Church of St. Paul in Ham Lake, Minnesota

The wedding ceremony took place at the Church of St. Paul in Ham Lake, Minnesota and Alli and Tavish felt so lucky to have their family priest marry them. It added such a personal touch to the wedding.

I also love this funny photo of a baby wedding guest in sunglasses. My second photographer, Tyler, grabbed that candid. One of the things I love about bringing someone else to take photos with me on the wedding day is being able to capture lots of little detailed moments that a single photographer alone might miss.


Sunset Portraits

At sunset, Alli, Tavish and I set off on a little walk to take some portraits of them together. The golf course grounds were so lovely as the sun was just setting, the light really saturates the rich red of the trees and other fall foliage.

Alli and Tavish were so relaxed and happy, they basically had a mini-date in the middle of their reception and I was just along to take photos and provide some gentle posing advice.

I love their unsuppressable smiles, their joy at being married to each other is so present in these portraits.


The Reception at the Bunker Hill Event Center in Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Alli and Tavish carried the elegant, fall details through their reception at the Bunker Hill Event Center. Twinkly cafe lights, mixed-metal lanterns and emerald details all made the ballroom glow.

And, true to form, the reception was relaxed, welcoming and so much fun! I love these photos of Alli and Tavish’s friends and family laughing and cheering at Alli’s Dad’s toast, Alli having a sweet moment with Tavish’s great-grandmother and everyone dancing with the couple.


Alli and Tavish’s Wedding Artwork

From our first meeting, Alli and Tavish knew they wanted to turn one of their wedding portraits into art for their home. They chose their favorite moment from our sunset walk and we created a piece for their living room, something they could see, appreciate and remember everyday.

The frame they chose is one of my favorites. Made of reclaimed barnwood by a collective of artists in Louisiana, each frame is crafted by hand and each is completely unique. A wonderful complement to the elegant fall style Alli and Tavish love.


Alli and Tavish, from the first time we met I could see the love you two shared and I knew I wanted to be your photographer! Thank you so much for trusting me with photographing your day, for making me laugh every time we got together, for geeking out over Joanna Gaines-inspired home decor with me, and for being beautiful and kind humans. Congratulations to you both!!

Alyssa L-K