Creative Spring Engagement Photography at the Minnesota Arboretum


Ellie and Lance are a happy, colorful, amazing couple, so for their engagement portraits we created some flower-filled spring engagement photography at the Minnesota Arboretum. They'll be married at the Arboretum this fall, so aside from the gorgeous-ness of the gardens and fields and tulips galore, this place holds a lot of meaning for Ellie and Lance. Ellie adores tulips and lilacs and purple (and did I mention how happy and colorful these two are?) and they picked the perfect weekend for their engagement portrait session - spring flowers were in full bloom and it was SO DANG BEAUTIFUL.


One tricky part of photographing engagement portraits at a popular public space like the Arboretum is that lots of people flock there on beautiful days - but we were able to find angles and niches to block out the crowds. We took the above image near the Arboretums' formal flower gardens, which was crawling with excited tulip-lovers (and hey, who can blame them? Look how beautiful those blooms are!!). I placed Ellie and Lance on the far side of the tulip beds and crouched down low in the flowers, so even though we were only shooting through a small bed of flowers it created the feeling that they were immersed in a field of flowers. Another beautiful thing about this Minneapolis engagement session was that the couple brought Lance's two daughters along for a family portrait! I had too many favorites to show just one, so I'll share another post with them soon. Stay tuned! :)

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