Celebrating community - Buffalo Books & Coffee

Close your eyes for a minute and picture yourself in your favorite coffee shop. You inhale the scent of lattes and espresso, hear the murmur of conversation flowing around you, feel the warmth of that special sense of community that coffee shops foster.

When I close my eyes and picture my favorite coffee shop, it is a lovely little spot called Buffalo Books & Coffee in the quaint downtown of Buffalo, MN. I went to high school in Buffalo, and this place was my favorite after-school haunt--but still to this day, I love stopping by whenever I'm in the area. They have an awesome and thoughtful selection of books, tasty baked goods, and an amazing community of staff and locals who cherish this place.

A couple weeks ago, I collaborated with Buffalo Books' owner, Deb Lefebvre, to coordinate "A Day in the Life of Buffalo Books" photography event! I spent a Wednesday in the shop, documenting the community of staff and patrons and family members that make Buffalo Books amazing.

Here's a video from my adventures at Buffalo Books that day, as well as some of my favorite images. Enjoy!


Thanks so much for reading and celebrating community with me!

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