3 Ideas for Natural Engagement Photos in Minneapolis

Are you planning to do engagement photos before your wedding? Here are a few reasons I think having an engagement session makes for even better wedding photos and three engagement session ideas for photos that are natural and authentic, instead of super formal or awkward.

3 Reasons to Have an Engagement Session

So many couples I talk to want to skip the engagement session; it might feel redundant when you’re going to take lovely photos at the wedding. But I always recommend an engagement session, here’s why.


You get to know your photographer

More than any other vendor, you’re going to spend most of your day with your wedding photographer. And I promise, the more comfortable and friendly you are with your photographer the more natural all your photos will be.


You have a chance to work out the awkward photo jitters

Chances are you usually don’t spend all day being photographed, and having your picture taken can be a little nerve wracking. Don’t worry! Those nerves are totally normal. An engagement session gives me a chance to help you feel comfortable being photographed. I design my engagement sessions to be pretty low key, with gentle directions, lots of giggles and no strange poses so you and your partner can work out some of that awkwardness before the wedding.


You can capture a different side of your relationship

Engagement photos are a chance to capture a side of your life, personality and relationship that you won’t see on your wedding day. Read on for three of my favorite ways to plan an engagement session that feels fun and natural, a perfect compliment to your more formal wedding photos.


3 Natural (and fun) Engagement Session Ideas


Go on your favorite date

I always love photos that capture a couple’s favorite date. Partners instantly relax in familiar surroundings and I get to hear all the great stories of past dates.

For Emily and Phil, their standing date was having a beer together at a favorite brewery, then walking their neighborhood. They wanted to honor this lovely season of their life by capturing their favorite day-to-day activities, nothing stuffy or formal. Some of my favorite things about a date engagement session? You’re not “posing” for photos, we’re just hanging out together, capturing the moment.

Love Emily and Phil’s engagement session? See their fun, non-traditional wedding (also at a Brewery)


Create a sense of place

Engagement photos are a lovely way to create a time capsule of your life in this moment. Where do you live? What are the iconic places that feature in your life?

For Melissa and Andrew, the city of Minneapolis had been the backdrop for their love story. So for their engagement photos we took a stroll in the city’s beautiful spring weather and visited the iconic Stone Arch Bridge where Andrew proposed after a show at the Guthrie. What I love about this session? There’s a deep sense of place and time here, their story is full of classic Minneapolis moments and Melissa and Andrew will always remember how special the city is to them.

Love Melissa and Andrew’s engagement session? See their beautiful wedding at another Minneapolis classic: St. Mark’s Cathedral.

Cozy up

Engagement photos are a wonderful way to capture the softer, more intimate side of your relationship. Casual, cozy sessions making breakfast or walking your puppy may seem boring, but the photos are always soft, natural and lovely. And the awkward jitters go away quickly as you relax into a comfortable routine.

For Tracy and Paul everyday meant the outdoors. For their engagement session, they grabbed some blankets, took their dog Miss Devon for a walk, and then cozied up to hang out a bit. I love these joyful photos of them interacting with their puppy and each other.

Alyssa L-K