A Wedding at the Rivertown Inn in Stillwater: slideshow and a preview

Wedding Wednesday
November 2, 2016

Yesterday, I had the honor of showing Christina and Cornell their wedding photographs and I feel like we spent half the time laughing!  They had a beautiful, happy, and very very fun wedding a couple weeks ago at the Rivertown Inn in Stillwater, MN (I mean, look at these fall colors! October does not get more perfect.)

After each wedding I photograph, I get together with the couple to show them their final wedding pictures in person. Getting to watch couples see their wedding pictures for the first time is by far one of the most amazing parts of my job. With Christina and Cornell, we watched a slideshow of all their wedding photographs, reminisced about the day, talk about their favorite images and moments, and designed their wedding album (it is going to be epic with deep-blue leather and endless colorful images.)

Christina and Cornell loved their slideshow and asked me to share it! (It’s thirteen minutes long and takes you through their entire wedding day; be sure to click the “HD” button for clarity! – I’ll also be sharing a blog post with highlights from their day soon, so stay tuned.)


Wedding at the Rivertown Inn in Stillwater MN

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