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March 23, 2017

A November Minneapolis Club Wedding with Dan & Katie

November can feel chilly in Minnesota, but it’s also a month associated with Thanksgiving – warmth and family-style dinners and candlelight. Dan and Katie’s Minneapolis Club wedding brought together the most beautiful aspects of November, surrounding themselves with a beautiful community, an epic dance party, and the elegance and warmth that the Minneapolis Club has to offer.

Minneapolis Club Wedding-01

I worked on this wedding as a second photographer, working with my friend Becca of Becca Dilley Photography.  As a second shooter, I spend some time supporting Becca (holding lighting, carrying gear, etc) and I also have the joy and freedom to capture storytelling images throughout the day – details that speak to the wedding style, candid moments and emotions and creative angles.

At my own weddings, I always bring a second photographer along with me for the same purpose – not only can we be in two places at once, but a second shooter captures things from their own perspective; at the end of the day, that creates a richer photography story.

For the same reasons, I really enjoy occasional weddings like this when I get to be a second shooter! Beyond the creative fun of collaborating with other photographers, I love that I get to step back and think about a wedding day from a different perspective, really focusing on candid moments and story-telling details.

Minneapolis Club Wedding-02

Warm Colors for a November Minneapolis Club Wedding

I love the color palette that Dan and Katie chose for their wedding- deep cranberry mixed with shades of softer reds and pinks, plenty of lush greenery, accents in charcoal gray, gold, and white. The warm cranberry tones are super cozy and elegant, which feels perfect for a late-fall wedding, and the mix of neutrals (gold, white, gray) felt really elegant in the context of the Minneapolis Club (which has lots of brick, finished wood, and deep rich colors). Looking through their images, their colors feel really cohesive and yet it’s not what catches your attention – rather, their colors are really seamless and atmospheric with their space, so the overall feeling was immersive and elegant while staying effortless.

Minneapolis Club Wedding-03 Minneapolis Club Wedding-04 Minneapolis Club Wedding-05 Minneapolis Club Wedding-06 Minneapolis Club Wedding-07 Minneapolis Club Wedding-08 Minneapolis Club Wedding-09 Minneapolis Club Wedding-10 Minneapolis Club Wedding-11 Minneapolis Club Wedding-12 Minneapolis Club Wedding-13 Minneapolis Club Wedding-14 Minneapolis Club Wedding-15 Minneapolis Club Wedding-16 Minneapolis Club Wedding-17 Minneapolis Club Wedding-18 Minneapolis Club Wedding-19 Minneapolis Club Wedding-20 Minneapolis Club Wedding-21 Minneapolis Club Wedding-22 Minneapolis Club Wedding-23 Minneapolis Club Wedding-24 Minneapolis Club Wedding-25 Minneapolis Club Wedding-26 Minneapolis Club Wedding-27 Minneapolis Club Wedding-28 Minneapolis Club Wedding-29 Happy Guest Moments at this Minneapolis Club Wedding Reception

So much of your wedding is about bringing your community together to celebrate and share emotions and moments. I love capturing candid reception photographs that document the joy that your community is sharing together – those images let you see all the fun and emotions happening throughout your wedding (you likely won’t be able to take in all those moments during the day itself!). Plus, people look SO DANG HAPPY when they’re dancing and those are amazing moments to look back on.

Minneapolis Club Wedding-30 Minneapolis Club Wedding-31 Minneapolis Club Wedding-32 Minneapolis Club Wedding-33 Minneapolis Club Wedding-34 Minneapolis Club Wedding-35 Minneapolis Club Wedding-36


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