Engagement portraits in a Minneapolis coffee shop

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May 20, 2017

Liz and Greg and I took these Engagement portraits in a Minneapolis coffee shop and in their favorite park, and I’m so excited to walk you through them!

I love less traditional sessions like this. The couples I work with tend to be creative, passionate people – they’re psyched to skip stiff, formal engagement portraits and instead create lifestyle/adventuresome images that document their personalities and relationship.

Lifestyle engagement portraits highlight the beauty of your real life

Lifestyle engagement portraits are focused on capturing moments authentic to your life. Rather than have pictures taken in front of a pretty but meaningless background, we choose settings that are real to you, full of deep meaning and personality. Engagement pictures take on a more of a time-capsule, our-life-is-so-beautiful-together vibe, and isn’t that exactly what engagements should be about?

Sessions like this bring your portraits to life: you feel more natural and “you” in the pictures because you’re in a place you love to be, the pictures become more meaningful because they’re documenting the deeper beauty of how you live right now, and they feel more personal and authentic.

Liz and Greg’s engagement portraits in a Minneapolis coffee shop

GEEZE, LIZ AND GREG!! These are two amazing people – I’ve only known them for a few weeks but they are calm, thoughtful, kind people with a beautiful and respectful relationship. I’m so excited to photograph their wedding in just a few weeks!  We spent part of their engagement session walking around their neighborhood and relaxing in their favorite coffee shop (Peace Coffee in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis), and also spent time on a laughter-filled adventure through Minnehaha Park (get ready to be filled with joy, because they had the world’s cutest guitar-playing-under-the-trees moment!!)

Engagement portraits in a Minneapolis coffee shop 2 Minneapolis lifestyle engagement portraits by Alyssa Lund Photography Minneapolis Coffee Shop Engagement Session-11 Engagement portraits in a Minneapolis coffee shop Minneapolis Coffee Shop Engagement Session-13 Minneapolis Coffee Shop Engagement Session-01 Minneapolis Coffee Shop Engagement Session-02 Minneapolis Coffee Shop Engagement Session-04 Minneapolis Coffee Shop Engagement Session-03 Minneapolis Coffee Shop Engagement Session-05 Minneapolis Coffee Shop Engagement Session-08 Creative Minneapolis wedding photography by Alyssa Lund Photography Creative Minneapolis engagement photography by Alyssa Lund Photography

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